Happiness is being at The Hub. There are no strangers here, only friends and family that you haven’t met yet, so come meet friends, old and new, during our events! Click on an event that interests you to get more info.


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November, 2018

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19Nov19:0022:00International Game Night

20Nov10:3012:00Coffee morning

20Nov19:0021:00Introduction to ImprovBy Chili con Comedy

20Nov19:4521:45Dutch NightYour Dutch survival guide

20Nov19:4521:30English as a second languageImprove your English in a fun way

21Nov10:3012:00Speaking DutchA daytime class

21Nov20:1522:15Eindhoven English Comedy Night

22Nov10:0012:00Rainbows International Playgroup

22Nov19:0021:00Music With Strangers

24Nov17:0023:30The Hubsgiving

25Nov16:0022:00Diwali - Indian Festival of Lights, Eindhoven 2018

26Nov19:0022:00International Game Night

27Nov10:3012:00Coffee morning

27Nov19:0021:00Introduction to ImprovBy Chili con Comedy

27Nov19:0020:00Cultural awareness at work and lifeShare, teach and learn

27Nov19:4521:45Dutch NightYour Dutch survival guide

27Nov19:4521:30English as a second languageImprove your English in a fun way

28Nov10:3012:00Speaking DutchA daytime class

29Nov10:0012:00Rainbows International Playgroup

29Nov19:0021:00Music With Strangers

29Nov20:0023:00Music with Strangers invites you on stage!