Hub Memberships

Introducing the new memberships

The new memberships
The Hub’s mission is to create a living room space in Eindhoven for internationally minded people who would like to enjoy a range of activities and meet new people or just relax in a safe and comfortable environment. In line with this, the goal of our membership is to further develop our existing mission through our members. 
The Hub is now offering 2 types of memberships, both are FREE with the exception of a one time €15,- administration charge. Your membership card is your entry key, it identifies you as a member and you are able to use it to make payments and purchases while at the Hub. The 2 types of membership are;

  • Adult membership - A blue membership card for adults who wish to enjoy an alcoholic beverage during events. 
  • Junior membership - A yellow membership card for teens between 13 and 18 who wish to make use of the Hub Center. 

Children ages 12 and under are not eligible for membership and must always be accompanied by a registered member while at the Hub Center. 

What is happening?
Starting as of the 1st of March 2014, The Hub will be introducing its new memberships, where all CURRENT and NEW members will be required to register as a Hub Member. Our membership is FREE of charge with the exception of a one time administration fee of € 15,-. Guests, are as always, more than welcome at The Hub, however guests are limited to a maximum of 2 day visits, after which they also need to register as a member. 

What is in it for you? 
You will receive a personalized membership card that is your access key to The Hub Center. This card also entitles you to receive great benefits at several shops, bars and restaurants in town that are part of The Hub’s partnering retailers that support our international community. As a member you can enjoy all of the international activities at the Hub Center such as; events, parties, festivals, language classes, support groups, workshops, live music, comedy nights and more! 

How does it work?
Starting March 1st, The Hub will be categorizing all its activities as FREE or PAID. Some activities are free of charge and some have a facility fee, simply to cover the necessary costs (charge depends on the event). All activities will remain accessible to all registered members. Payments are easily done with your membership card. Guests are to pay any applicable admission fees in cash at the bar.





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