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Exhibition True Colors in YourStory Boxtel

Laura Wagenaars (Boxtel) and Zefania Stokkermans (Breda), former students of SintLucas, are exhibiting their work in YourStory in Boxtel. The exhibition bears the title ‘True Colors’. Laura stayed in Aruba for 1.5 years and visualized the colorful life of the island. The work of Zefania is a reflection of her personal life in which coincidences and mystery are important factors. The work of Laura and Zefania can be seen until Friday 22 June. The exhibition is open on thursday and friday

from 10am till 5pm and saturday from 10am till 4pm.


Love for Aruba

Laura Wagenaars about her work that can be seen at YourStory: “In the 1.5 years that I stayed on Aruba, I made a lot of photos. I especially wanted to show the beautiful small things of the island. That there is more to see than sun, sea and beach. The places which make you think ‘Wow, is that Aruba’! I also heard that from the local population that they did not know those places existed. With this work I show my love for the island. Especially for nature. Because it is difficult for nature to survive there. “After she had collected a large amount of images, Laura took the next step. She edited and combined photographs into panoramic photographs: “With those images I give my perspective on Aruba.”

More info: www.colorsofaruba.com


Intimate living room settings

Zefania Stokkermans: “The photos I have chosen for this exhibition are a representation of intimate living room settings. I present my work at YourStory in an introverted way, in contrast to Laura’s work that is extroverted. The photos are a combination of photographs from my SintLucas period and more recent work. I am making a new beginning here with old work. “About her method:” My work is intuitive. The strength of this is that I create a unique atmosphere that I could never have imagined beforehand.” More info: www.zefaniastokkermans.com


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