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Get Out of Town: Great Day Trips from Eindhoven


By Rebekah Villon @rvillon

If you are new to the Netherlands, or if you are only living here for a year or two on contract, it would be a shame to let the time go by without exploring a little and getting to know the country better. Using your weekends or holidays to take quick day trips gives you a richer and more diverse experience, and is also just a great way to break up your routine and do something a little different. All these destinations are within about an hour’s drive or less, or 1-2 hours on the train from Eindhoven, making them great for a day trip.



With so many incredible cities, sights, and destinations just a short distance from Eindhoven, it’s easy to take a day or two here and there and explore the Netherlands. The region is rich in history, art, and culture just waiting to be discovered.