Written by Vaish. If you want to contact the writer or comment on this article, click here.   The days of freezing temperatures are in the past. It will soon be the end of the sweater weather. Well, almost!   I’m a huge fan of the Fall, but the Spring in the Netherlands has its charm….

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By Rebekah Villon @rvillon   Despite originating in Asia, tulips are an iconic symbol of the Netherlands, appearing in imagery and representation of the country from the golden age until the modern era. Even today, nine out of ten of the world’s tulips are exported from the Netherlands, and flowers comprise a staggering 10% of the…

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By Rebekah Villon @rvillon There are a lot of annual events in Eindhoven, with a huge range of experiences and opportunities to have fun. Eindhoven events offer an opportunity to learn more about local culture, and experience the best of international culture as well. If you are new to town, you may only find out about…

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