By Rebekah Villon @rvillon Dutch is a notoriously difficult language to learn. And the Dutch people all speak English so well that, for better or worse, many people simply default to speaking English all the time, and never really get in the habit of speaking Dutch. However, greater proficiency in the language does help foster deeper…

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Written by Vaish. If you want to contact the writer or comment on this article, click here.   It is that time of the year when our bad karma is upon us. Winter months can be very unforgiving, especially, if you spent most of your life in the sunny South and are new to the nippy…

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By Rebekah Villon @rvillon The holiday season is here, and the cold weather and short days are a great reason to enjoy holiday activities and comfort foods. If you are new to Eindhoven, some of the local holiday traditions may be new and unfamiliar, so here are some of the seasonal sights, foods, and traditions…

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