I never imagined I would make a transition from Berlin—where I have lived the last six years of my bittersweet adulthood—to starting a new life in Eindhoven, in my late 20s. This essentially meant my adulthood taking on a new meaning, thanks to my new-found status as a married woman; being in the unenviable position…

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by Rebekah Villon @rvillon Some may say otherwise, but lunch is the most important meal of the day. During the week, it’s critical to get away from your desk, relax, clear your head, and then return to work with a renewed energy and focus. On the weekend, lunch helps you recover from a late night…

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Go-Kids Eindhoven is the website in Eindhoven for parents with children for tips to go out.  Go-Kids Eindhoven is a website for parents with children of 0-12 years old who are looking for kids events, activities, workshops, sports club, restaurants, children’s parties and tips for childcare, kids yoga & coaching in the region of Eindhoven. They…

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